South Africa’s ANC calls for swift extradition of arrested Guptas

SOUTH Africa’s governing party on Tuesday called for the swift extradition of Rajesh and Atul Gupta to face the allegations against them in South Africa after they were arrested in the United Arab Emirates.

The Gupta brothers are accused of using their connections to former South African president Jacob Zuma, in power from 2009 to 2018, to win contracts, siphon off state funds and influence cabinet appointments.

Reuters could not reach the Guptas or their representatives for comment. Zuma and the Guptas, who left South Africa shortly after Zuma was ousted in 2018, have issued blanket denials of any wrongdoing.

“We call on law enforcement authorities in South Africa and the UAE to expedite the extradition of Messrs Gupta to South Africa so that the charges against them can be adjudicated by a court of law,” the African National Congress (ANC) said in a statement. REUTERS