Soil conditioning blitz programme gathers momentum

ZBC Reporter

The Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Resettlement’s soil conditioning blitz is progressing well, with the Department of Chemistry and Soil Research Institute done with six of the eight rural provinces.

Government’s Agriculture Recovery Plan aims at improving the country’s agricultural productivity, with soil conditioning being one of the solid interventions.

Head Department of Chemistry and Soil Research Institute Mr Emmanuel Chikwari explained that the blitz is targeting small holder farmers and involves the analysis of soil samples to determine the acidity and subsequent lime recommendations.

This initiative is a country wide soil testing and analysis programme aimed at increasing small holder farmers’ productivity by determining the soil pH and nutrition value required by that particular soil type. If the farmer doesn’t possess this knowledge it becomes very difficult to get good yields,explained Chikwari.

Chief Research Technician Mr Simba Chipungare explained the process involved in soil testing and analysis.

When the soil samples come here they go through various stages of testing the acidity or alkalinity of the soil,he said.

The Department of Chemistry and Soil Research has already begun the decentralisation of the services to rural areas for speedy implementation.