Small scale farmers urged to penetrate bigger markets through partnerships

By Kenias Chivuzhe

Small scale farmers have been urged to increase collaborations in order to improve on productivity, increase market penetration and move towards commercialisation of their operations.

Small-scale farmers, mostly in rural communities, usually face challenges in procuring inputs, with access to huge markets also usually an uphill task. 

In an interview on the sidelines of the official launch of the Makoni Small Scale Farmers Association, Rusape based farmer Tawanda Tandi spoke on the importance of farmers pulling resources together to eliminate viability challenges.

“We can negotiate better prices when selling our produce and products as a group. Farmers can pull resources to buy inputs in bulk and reduce cost of procurement as well as being able to penetrate bigger markets that require consistent supplies in bigger quantities. As individuals small scale farmers are failing to meet the set requirements,” Tandi said.

Government and political leadership in Makoni believe collaborations in agriculture will improve productivity and create avenues for value addition of produce and products.

“Farmers will be able to buy their inputs relatively cheaper. We hope that this initiative will result in farmers joining hands to embark on value addition and this will spur the growth of the agriculture sector,” a member of the local leadership said.

Chairperson of the newly established Makoni Small Scale Farmers Association Taurai Chiripamberi says they are focusing on ramping up production.

“Small farmers were failing to meet conditions to acquire funding. We have formed groups of 20 as well as groups that focuses on piggery, goats, poultry, dairy and beef production in order to better organize farming management, production and marketing of produce,” said Chiripamberi.

With productivity being the new thrust by the Second Republic, innovations and joint ventures have been cited as critical in growing the agriculture sector.

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