SK was an astute and rare breed of spokesman: President Mnangagwa

By Justin Mahlahla

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has described national hero Ambassador Simon Khaya Moyo as a true patriot, an astute and rare breed of spokesman.

He was addressing mourners at the burial of Cde SK at the National Heroes Acre this morning.

“The late National Hero, Cde Simon Khaya Mayo will go down in the history of our beloved country as a patriotic, consistent and persistent national and revolutionary leader who played an indelible pan in our liberation struggle. His lifelong service to the Party, ZANU PF and Government, was informed by his unwavering desire and commitment to serve the people of this great country,” President Mnangagwa said.

“He carries to this sacred shrine and final resting place, an indisputable track record of appreciating and indeed living the ethos and ideals of our revolutionary movement. He served his country wholeheartedly and did his part understanding the adage that, ‘Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo’,” he said.

“Fellow Mourners, Comrades and Friends; At the 6th National People’s Congress of the ZANU PF Party held here in Harare in 2014, the late National Hero was appointed Secretary for Information and Publicity. In 2017, he became the Minister of Media, Information and Broadcasting Services and also served as Energy and Power Development Minister. After the advent of the Second Republic, I reassigned him to the post of National Party Spokesperson, a position he hey until his untimely passing on.”

He added: “On the diplomatic and external relations front, the late National Hero engaged several diplomatic missions on issues relating to the land question and agrarian reform, as well as the Party’s revolutionary mission and objectives. He was always instrumental in deepening the fraternal relations amongst Former Liberation Movements within the region and other progressive organisations the world over.”

In September 2013, the late National Hero, Cde Khaya Moyo was appointed Senior Minister of State in the Office of the President and Cabinet and reassigned to become the Minister of Policy Coordination and Promotion of Socio-Economic Ventures.

The late National Hero, Cde S. K. Moyo was born in Plumtree, Matabeleland South Province on 1 October 1945 to Mr Robert Khaya Ngulani Moyo and Mrs Tshagara Moyo. He completed his primary school education in Plumtree before enrolling at Fletcher High School in the then Gwelo. Between 1966 and 1967 he worked as a research assistant at Mpilo Hospital.

He left the country for Zambia to join the liberation struggle in early 1968. While in Zambia, the Zimbabwe African People’s Union (ZAPU) leadership, after seeing his potential, resolved to send him to further his studies at the University of Zambia. He was to later graduate with a Diploma in Social Sciences.

Thereafter, at the behest  of the Party and in recognition his budding intellectual prowess, the late Cde S.K. Moyo enrolled for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Sciences at Makerere University in Uganda in 1970.

Upon completion, he lectured in Uganda whilst also doubling as the ZAPU Chief Representative in that country. This role served as a catalyst in the creation of a wide base of ideologically and politically conscious young revolutionaries.

This Uganda-educated pool of cadres was later deployed in various roles to advance our struggle for independence as well as in the public service after independence. 11 his aspect of the legacy of Cde S.K should inspire those sons and daughters of Zimbabwe in the Diaspora to leverage their roles and institutions to advance the growth and prosperity of their motherland and its people.

“Cde SK was a diplomat par excellence, as well as humble and dedicated cadre who committed his emit, life to serving the country before and after independence. As a Nation, we are indeed poorer following his loss. We, however, remain grateful for the legacy the late National Hero leaves behind and will forever cherish the sacrifices he made towards our country’s independence, freedom, unity, peace and development. His death came as a shock to us in the Party and Government. In spite of his ailing health he always made attempts to return to work, to serve the nation,” President Mnangagwa said.

“Our culture of non-violence and peace; along with our values of unity, love and respect must continue to be the fundamental building blocks that distinguish us as a people and as a nation. This is more important as the nation prepares itself for the democratic national electoral processes in 2022 and 2023. As we approach the festive season, I call upon you, fellow countrymen and women, to continue complying to the World Health Organisation public health protocols, guidelines and procedures for containing the COVID-19 pandemic. We must never let our guard down. Meanwhile, I urge those who are yet to be vaccinated to get vaccinated. There are enough vaccines in the country for us to reach herd immunity.”