Significant progress at Mbudzi Traffic Interchange project

By John Nhandara

NOTABLE progress has been recorded at the Mbudzi traffic interchange project in Harare, with construction of some bridges and most diversionary routes complete.

The round-about is expected to be closed for traffic next month after completion of diversion routes, to pave way for structural civil engineering works for a traffic interchange.

So far, there is progress in the construction of bridge ten as well as bridge two, which is an extension of the existing Glen Norah bridge, where construction of the pillars is almost complete.

This Tuesday, the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Transport and Infrastructural Development and the visiting Zambia’s Committee on Transport visited the project for an assessment tour.

Engineer Ngonidzashe Musowe, who is the chairperson of the contracted company, TEFOMA Consortium, briefed ZBC News on the progress at the traffic interchange.

“Our detour roads are almost done. We have made significant progress on structures that are not in the way of traffic. Bridge ten is fifty percent complete, while bridge two behind me is about to be completed,” he said.

Transport and Infrastructure Development secretary, Engineer Thedious Chinyanga said the roundabout is now set for closure to pave way for the construction of the interchange’s main structure.

Government has also engaged independent evaluators to assess the compensation that will be extended to households that will be affected by the national project.

“What was holding us back was compensation issues on structures that were affected. But we are finalising. We have gone an extra mile of roping in independent evaluators so that they get fair compensation. The road will now be closed for other works to be done here,” said Engineer Chinyanga.

The pace, momentum and magnitude of the project being undertaken by local contractors elated the Zambian visitors, a matter which was also endorsed by Zimbabwe’s Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Transport and Infrastructure Development.

“It is amazing to see a consortium of Zimbabweans without foreigners doing this kind of work and to see female engineers involved. We are inspired as a region and this is the way to go. As Zambia, we are proud of Zimbabwe,” said Mubika Mubika, the leader of the Zambian delegation.

“Our Zambian counterparts have said they want this model to be adopted in Zambia. Despite sanctions, as a country we have become a learning hub for other nations,” said Honourable Oscar Gorerino, the chairperson of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Transport and Infrastructure Development.

The Mbudzi traffic interchange project is expected to end the traffic nightmares that have for years characterised travelling past the Mbudzi round-about especially those driving along the Masvingo highway.