Side marketing of controlled crops attracts prosecution: GMB

By ZBC Reporter
FARMERS have been warned against selling their produce to undesignated buyers with grain, wheat and soya bean being controlled products in accordance with the country’s laws.
As the 2022 grain marketing season gets into the peak period, farmers have been reminded that the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) is the only designated buyer of maize, wheat and soya bean in accordance with the statutory instruments which classify the three crops as controlled products.
In a statement, the Grain Marketing Board warned those selling and transporting grain without the requisite permission that they will be prosecuted while the grain will be confiscated.
The perpetrators will also be fined an equivalent of three times the value of the consignment.
The country’s food security has been negatively affected by side marketing of grain despite producing enough to feed the nation, hence the latest move.
This Tuesday, Government revised upwards the producer price of key grains as an incentive for farmers to deliver grain to the Grain Marketing Board.
Maize floor producer price is at ZW$75,000.00 per metric tonne, traditional grains floor producer price ZW$75,000.00 per metric tonne, soya bean floor producer price was set at ZW$171,495.00 per metric tonne and sunflower floor producer at ZW$205,794.52 per metric tonne.