Sheriff of the High Court arrested

By Peter Chivhima

THE Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) has arrested the Sheriff of the High Court of Zimbabwe on allegations of criminal abuse of office.

The Sheriff of the High Court of Zimbabwe, Macduff Madega was picked up by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission  (ZACC) this Wednesday.

In a statement released by ZACC this Wednesday, Madega was allegedly instructed to auction a stand by a judgement creditor in fulfillment of a judgement debt.

Madega attached and auctioned the property to the highest bidder.

It is however alleged that before confirming the sale of the property, Madega received an objection which he presided over resulting in him not confirming the sale.

However, after allowing the objection to stand, Madega is alleged to have put the same property for sale by private treaty and did not disclose to the buyer about the previous objection.

According to ZACC, investigations are continuing into several other allegations against Madega.

Meanwhile,  Madega is expected to  appear in court this Thursday.