Shamva Mine ramps up production, creates employment

The reopening of Shamva Mine has transformed the face of the mining town, creating over one thousand jobs since the takeover by Kuvimba Mining House established by the government last year.
A total of 1 063 jobs have been created at Shamva mine since reopening as the transformation continues while production has risen to about 90kgs.
Micky Isaya(61) who had been retrenched is on cloud nine after he was rehired as the mine is now fully functional.
‘I am so pleased the mine reopened, we are now getting salaries on time and our children are going to school. We have high hopes for the future.’
The mine has also created new employment opportunities for youths.
“I was idle at home but Shamva mine created a job opportunity for me.”
Women who endured hardship during the mine’s closure now enjoy better living standards.
“My husband was recalled to work and things have changed for the better. It was difficult during the min closure. We endured difficult times when the mine closes but now it has been reopened .”
Shamva gold mine manager Alfred Chinyere reveals that the mine has been breaking new production records since June last year.
“We are grateful for ‘Zimbabwe is open for business’ drive which enables shareholders to invest in the mine. We are producing 20 000 tonnes to 40 000 tonnes of gold per month and we could not have achieved this without the shareholders who invested in the mine. “
Shamva Mine reopened by President Emmerson Mnangagwa last year is a subsidiary of Kuvimba Mining House in which government has a 65 percent shareholding.
With the opening of a new mine in the first quarter of 2023, Shamva is expected to contribute 5 percent of the US$12 billion mining industry vision.

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