Set political differences aside :POLAD members

By ZBC Reporter

POLITICAL Actors Dialogue (POLAD) members have hailed the 41st Independence celebrations saying differences must be set aside and unity shown among citizens for the development of Zimbabwe.

Zimbabweans this Sunday celebrated the country’s  41st independence anniversary amid Covid-19 restrictions with the main event taking place at State House where members of various progressive political parties and the business community were part of the gathering.

POLAD members hailed the President’s speech saying there is a need for patriotism among citizens by putting difference aside when it comes to Independence celebrations.

Independence is every Zimbabwean, and people must unite to celebrate such a milestone. 41 years of independence shows that we have come of age in terms of promoting democracy. A united Zimbabwe will see a prosperous Zimbabwe and that’s what POLAD is doing for citizens, they said.

Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce president Dr Tinashe Manzungu said independence day celebrations give the country time to reflect on the achievements

We are happy to celebrate the 41st independence on the back of huge developments being spearheaded by the second republic and we are looking forward to more developments in relation to infrastructure, Agriculture, mining among other economic sectors, said Manzungu.

Zimbabwe has registered tremendous growth since the coming into power of the second republic. Politically, all progressive political parties have come under the POLAD banner where policies are crafted for the benefit of Zimbabweans.