Health concerns as unscrupulous traders make a killing from illicit brew

By ZBC Reporter

ILLICIT brew packaged in used bottles of registered brands has flooded the market amid health concerns especially among youths.

While licensed liquor traders invest huge sums of money on their brands, some unscrupulous traders are making a killing through imitations.

ZBC investigations revealed that these illicit liquor traders are using disposed bottles of registered beer brands with very little or no regard for the health consequences to unsuspecting consumers.

These fake brewers are killing people, you know what they do, they mix ethanol, spirit and water and without going through proper processing, this mixture is toxic, people are consuming poison,

When you drink the fake alcohol, sometimes you feel as if you are paralysed, you can fall unconscious and wake up later. The biggest danger is that once you start taking this stuff you lose appetite and one can go for days without eating while at the same time it is addictive.

 Local beverage manufacturers who have fallen victim to counterfeit traders have called for collaborations in law enforcement.

Counterfeit products have posed a great challenge to the whole liquor industry at large, we have lost sales and our brands have been tarnished. We have invested a lot of money in branding our products, branding containers and branding caps to ensure the end-user can clearly identify the original product but you know these counterfeiters always have tricks at the end of the day so we need also the will of the law enforcement officers and other stakeholders to fight the menace, said Saints Representative Mr Lesley Chipunza.

Police have since launched a crackdown on illicit drug dealers.

According to the Euro-monitor global illicit study 2018, one out of four bottles in the world contains counterfeit beer and governments around the world are losing about 3.6 billion United States dollars of potential fiscal income because of illicit alcohol.

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