Semi-decomposed body found at Midlands Hotel

By Tafara Chikumira

BUSINESS came to a standstill in the Gweru city centre this Tuesday as police cordoned off the Midlands Hotel after a semi-decomposed body was discovered in the parking lot.

Police have since arrested four men in connection with the suspected murder of the unidentified man.

The four who were arrested after a tip-off are Nkosi Ncube (26), Terrence Sibanda (18), Washington Ngwenya (18) and James Matola (21).

“Investigations have linked the body to an assault case of an unknown man reported at Gweru Central by an informant, Samuel Jackson Jacha, aged 29 of Mambo in Gweru,” said Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko, ZRP Midlands Provincial spokesperson.

“He reported on Friday that he had just witnessed four men assaulting another man who had just come out of Pandas Bar, Third Street in Gweru’s Central Business District using a rubber sjambok, empty beer bottles and okapi knife.

“The victim had then escaped to an unknown destination but with serious injuries. Injuries reported to have been inflicted on the assault victim on Friday night are tallying with those on the body.”

Midlands Hotel proprietor, Councillor Hamutendi Kombayi blamed his security and management for laxity.

“It also came as a surprise to me. We are going to look into the matter. It is a matter of security guards on how the person got in. These are challenges against my management and they are things which happened without our consent,” he said.

The Midlands Hotel has made the headlines for the wrong reasons in recent months, with standards having deteriorated while some known ladies of the night have been camping at the facility.