Second Republic transforms Chegutu district road network

By Regis Mhako

THE Emergency Roads Rehabilitation programme initiated by the second republic has transformed the road network in Chegutu Rural District much to the delight of travellers.

The Rural District Council has successfully rehabilitated three roads and two watercourses on river crossings enabling the farming community of Musengezi to access markets and other essential services.

“Road crossings had been washed away by floods and people were finding it difficult to link with Bulawayo road, now it is passable, we also did major roads which is Thomas Maritangwe road as well as Selous- Makwiro road, this has enabled people to access previously difficult
areas to reach so we are very grateful to the government for the ERRP,” said Admire Machingura, Chegutu Rural District Council’s Chief Executive Officer.

The community expressed appreciation to the second republic for the road infrastructure development drive.

” I am an alderman, at one time I was chairman of the finance committee but we had always struggled to raise funds from ratepayers but this time around what has happened is beyond our expectations, year after year we had problems but our government led by President Mnangagwa has done it against the backdrop of sanctions,” said a community member.

The local authority has since directed its internally generated revenue to education infrastructural development to ease the burden on the community.

“This block was blown away by a storm in 2019 so we got support from the council through the councillors,” said Daniel Chindundu, the Head at Chirinhengo Primary School.

“The learners used to learn under temporary structures, some of the pupils used to walk as far as six kilometres to Chegutu urban in search of better learning facilities.”

The devolution agenda being spearheaded by the second republic across the country has financially capacitated local authorities to carry out their mandate to the benefit of local communities.