Second Republic happy with younger generation buy-in

By Josephine Mugiyo

President Emmerson Mnangagwa says the next five to ten years will see massive transformation of the country’s economy as citizens, particularly the young generation, continue to embrace technology to develop industries.

He was speaking during a tour of industries in Kwekwe this Thursday.

President Mnangagwa who was in Kwekwe this Thursday, made his first stop at the Intrachem explosives manufacturing plant.

The US$7 million plant produces explosives for mining, quarrying and industrial purposes.

President Mnangagwa was impressed by the young engineers running the plant who have responded to the Second Republic’s call for value addition.

“The new factory is predominantly done by our young engineers from this country who are responding to the Second Republic’s call for value addition and producing services and goods for our needs. I was so pleased there are some young chaps who were working in SA and they have come to work here at home,” he said.

The Second Republic has put in place conducive policies to attract investment in the country and President Mnangagwa said his government will fully support Intrachem.

President Mnangagwa at Dendairy

“We have urged them that we will do our best to support them,” he said.

The country’s dairy sector is key in the attainment of vision 2030 and soon after his stop at Intrachem, President Mnangagwa visited Dendairy where he chronicled how the entity was established.

“Some three or four years ago when I was close to the Coetzee family, they were the biggest dairy farmers and we suggested that it was necessary to start a factory at the time. I’m so pleased that today they are producing many different products.”

Attainment of Vision 2030 remains key for government and the President said he is satisfied with the response from the people of Zimbabwe, particularly the young generation who are using ITC to develop the nation.

“We are extremely excited. What makes us happy as government is the response we are getting from people who are embracing the concept of technology. In another 5 -10 years from now Zimbabwe will be at the apex. I don’t know which country we will be competing with,” he enthused.

The country has been witnessing massive industrial development through the setting up of new companies and expansion of existing ones as the Second Republic works to improve livelihoods.