Schools to engage outdoor and decongested learning schedule

By Innocent Nxumalo
As learners prepare to resume business, schools responsible authorities and development committees say they have crafted various strategies to comply with World Health Organisation Covid-19 regulations.
The Government challenged School Development Committees (SDCs) and Responsible Authorities (RAs) to craft strategies of ensuring compliance to World Health Organisation (WHO) Covid-19 regulations.
SDCs and RAs in Bulawayo say they are doing necessary groundwork in preparation for formal learning to commence.
“We have trained teachers and ancillary staff to constitute health committees that will monitor safety and compliance when learners come.”
“Outdoor learning and staggering of school attendance days are some of the efforts we think will assist us to decongest our learning centres.
“Rotating them won’t mean their learning will be disturbed, off-site learning will also be engaged.”
Parents and guardians admitted that they have a role to play especially in ensuring that learners have masks and personal sanitisers.
Many are pinning hopes on the ongoing Covid-19 vaccinations to minimise possible outbreaks in schools.

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