Schools encouraged to embrace education with production

By Kenias Chivuzhe

GOVERNMENT is encouraging schools to embrace the education with production concept to ensure sustainability and equip learners with relevant skills.

Primary and Secondary Education Minister Dr Evelyn Ndlovu, who was on assessment tour of schools in Nyanga and Makoni this week, says adoption of the new curriculum has seen schools embarking on a drive to promote the education with production concept through establishment of production units.

“Yesterday we visited three schools looking at the preparedness to open schools. We were also looking at commercialisation activities within schools. What I can say in brief is that the schools are doing extremely well. Some of these schools are within communal areas were there are some parents who are not able to pay school levies.This augers well with the new curriculum. I am encouraging schools to take commercialisation or education with production very seriously. This is because not all our learners will pass and proceed to A level. Some need help as well as being empowered so that they go back into the community with a skill. Whether it is chicken rearing, cattle rearing and piggery, that child would have been empowered,” she said.

Dr Ndlovu, however, warned schools against forcing parents to pay school fees in foreign currency.

“Schools can peg their school fees in foreign currency in order to mitigate the effects of inflation. But when the parents come and have local currency, schools should allow the parents to pay in local currency. We don’t accept a situation where parents are forced to pay in foreign currency. It’s unacceptable because such schools would be fighting the introduction of local currency. Some of the parents have no source of foreign currency and you would be forcing them to go to the black market.We are saying no school should prohibit parents to pay school fees in local currency,” explained Ndlovu.

Meanwhile, it was a hive of activity in Mutare this Friday as parents were making final preparations for the opening of schools set for this Monday.