School children welcome Covid-19 vaccination drive

By Jerold Sasa

School children have welcomed the Covid-19 vaccination blitz targeting the 16 and 17-year age group with those who were vaccinated in Marondera saying safety is a priority.

The decision by the government to vaccinate the 16 and17-year age group against COVID-19 has come as a huge relief to school children in Marondera who feel they are exposed to the deadly virus as schools had become hotspots during the 3rd wave.

“I am happy that I have been vaccinated and I am now safe from the virus,” a pupil said.

Another noted: “Covid is real and we were feeling very vulnerable at school where we mix with other children which is not safe.”

The Ministry of Health and Child Care says it is satisfied with the response from school children and hopes to reach their target by the time schools close.

“I hope by the time schools close we would have reached our target judging by the response we are getting so far,” Mashonaland East Provincial Medical Director Dr Paul Matsvimbo said.

A total of 26 413 students have so far been vaccinated against a target of 83 000 in Mashonaland East since the blitz started on the 15th of this month.

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