Sanctions a threat to African Nations development : H.E Amre Moussa

THE system of sanctions imposed on some African nations by the West threatens the development of the African continent, Chairman of Cairo International Centre for Conflict Resolution, Peacebuilding (CCCPA) International Advisory Board and Member of the Panel of the wise, African Union (AU) Commissioner, H.E Amre Moussa has said.
Moussa said this when he paid a courtesy call on Acting President Rtd Gen. Constantino Chiwenga at his Munhumutapa offices in Harare.
He said their goal as AU was to work towards fully lifting the sanctions.
“The consensus among us, the AU was that we have to work together to lift the sanctions as quickly as we can otherwise so many policies based on reform based on the future, future policies and the issue of stability past the regions of the continent will be threatened by the continuation of the system of sanctions,” said Moussa.
He said the AU had taken it upon itself to call for the unconditional removal of sanctions in all African countries, with Zimbabwe number one on their priority list.
“On the issue of Sanctions against Zimbabwe, it was discussed thoroughly in the African Union, in the Peace and Security Council and in the Wiseman group. The consensus in the AU was that we have to stand firm in support of Zimbabwe and ensure the full lifting the Sanctions. And all other African countries that have been hit by the Sanctions.
“We started here in Zimbabwe and we will visit other African countries on the same issue. We also discussed the implications of sanctions on the economy, the development of the country, the society in general especially the poor and on the young people including women,” he said.