Sabi Star mine targets 1 million tonnes of Lithium ore per year

By Kenias Chivuzhe

BUHERA based Sabi Star mine is targeting to produce one million tonnes of lithium ore annually, with the setting up of a value addition plant expected to substantially increase revenue generation.

The drive to grow the mining sector into a US$12-billion-dollar industry is becoming a reality, with the setting up of a lithium mine in Buhera expected to see production of one million tonnes of lithium ore, and tantalite as a by-product.

A representative of the Max Mind Investments Zimbabwe owned Sabi Star Mine, Mr Elfas Mugova revealed the mine’s projections and timeframe for operations.

“We have invested about US$22 000 000 so far. The total investment will reach US$130 000 000 for us to start operations. From the resource that I have shown you, we expect a mine lifespan of 6 years based on a production of 1 000 000 tonnes of ore per year. We want to make sure that the life of the mine increases by continuing with exploration and establish more resource base. We expect to generate a revenue of US$200 000 per year,” he said.

The local leadership is convinced the project has the potential to transform economic activities in the drought prone district.

“This development received support from the local community. We want the investments to help alleviate food shortages and promote local development,” said Chief Nyashanu.

For government, the development will increase the provincial GDP and places the country on a firm position to achieve an upper middle income society by 2030.

“It is great pleasure and huge anticipation that as Buhera we are going to contribute towards a 12 billion mining economy as envisaged by His Excellency, President Mnangagwa,” said Buhera North Legislator, William Mutomba.

The mining sector is expected to play a critical role in the attainment of an upper middle income society by 2030.The mining sector has set its target  to generate US$12 billion by the year 2025, from US$3.2 billion in  2018.To achieve this, Manicaland Province has allowed this investment in Buhera District. This will increase the provincial GDP,” noted Mr Freman Mavhisa, Buhera District Development Coordinator.

The company has also pledged to invest in a number of projects including rehabilitation of roads, construction of a clinic and a 12 megawatt power plant as well as setting up a 6.5-kilometre water pipe line from Save River for the benefit of the local community.

40 houses being constructed for families which will be relocated from mine site are almost complete.