SA tourism industry urges govt to open country’s borders

Tourism Business Council of South Afric, TBCSA, has made an impassioned plea to the government to immediately open the country’s borders if the sector is to be revived.

Tourism is one of the most affected sectors by the coronavirus pandemic which has also led to South Africa’s 51 % annualised decrease in Gross Domestic Product, GDP, during the second quarter of 2020.

The tourism sector has seen massive job losses and the closure of many businesses as the country’s borders remain closed under Alert Level two lockdown regulations.

Tourism Business Council of South Africa CEO Tshifhiwa Tshivhengwa says “government must give time-frames as coronavirus infections start to decrease.”

“It’s not like we are going to be exporting all the people that have COVID-19 from the UK, or Germany or from wherever. It’s the selected few people who will be travelling to our country. We believe that we should be able to open.

“Let’s us deal with issues of demand and convincing people to come to our country instead of fighting to go back to work. Let’s make the bold decision, bold step forward to opening our borders. At least announce the date. We can’t just say we’re going to open soon,” adds Tshivhengwa.