SA President Ramaphosa engages US President on Zim sanctions

By ZBC Reporter

THE Zimbabwe Anti-Sanctions Movement has welcomed the support Zimbabwe continues to get from South Africa and other progressive nations on the call for the removal of illegal sanctions on the country.

This comes after South African President Cyril Ramaphosa engaged United States of America President Joe Bidden on the US illegal embargo on Zimbabwe this Friday.

In a statement, Zimbabwe Anti-Sanctions Movement Chairperson, Rutendo Matinyarare noted that it is high time the world knows that the illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe are not targeted and are adversely affecting all the country’s citizens, and other countries holding Zimbabwean migrants.

“The Zimbabwe Anti Sanctions Movement welcomes the move from President Cyril Ramaphosa and his party the ANC, in raising the issue of unlawful sanctions on Zimbabwe and them displacing refugees into the region, in his meeting with the President of the United States Joe Biden on 16 September 2022.

“The Zimbabwe sanctions programme targets Zimbabwean nationals without trial, adversely affects the Zimbabwean people, the Zimbabwean economy, the banking sector, and thus displaces refugees that are destabilising the region,” he said.

The SADC region, the African Union and the United Nations have used various for a to call for the removal of the sanctions for the country to develop and chat its destiny without impediments.