Russia’s President Vladimir Putin addresses Ukrainian veterans of the Great Patriotic War

President Vladimir Putin of Russia has rallied veterans of the Great who are Patriotic War who are Ukrainian nationals to remain steadfast in defence of the sovereignty of the Ukrainian people.

In an address on an event to mark the Great Patriotic War, President Putin said, “Please accept my heartfelt greetings on our common glorious holiday, Victory Day.

“Exactly 77 years ago, the courage and heroism of soldiers and members of partisan units who fought on the frontlines, as well as the people’s steadfast and selfless work on the home front crushed Nazism.”

He added, “Unfortunately, Nazism is today again raising its head, trying to impose its barbaric and inhuman ways. It is our sacred duty to prevent revenge by the ideological heirs of those who were defeated in the Great Patriotic War.”

He said it was his sincere wish that Ukrainian veterans of the Great Patriotic War will remain stoic, stay in good health and live a long life, adding, ” and to all residents of Ukraine, I wish a peaceful and just future.”

He also mentioned the day as sacred for every Russian.

“This is the feeling of true patriotism. We honor all the allies who fought alongside Russia to defeat Nazism in World War Two,” he said.

President Putin announced it was a day “to bow” before those who laid down their lives for freedom.