‘Russia’s demands for lifting of sanctions legitimate’

By Oleen Ndori

Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu says Russian demands for an end to sanctions imposed during its special military operation in Ukraine are legitimate.

Speaking at a media briefing with Russian Foreign Minister; Sergey Lavrov in Ankara this Wednesday, Turkey’s Foreign Minister said if the world is to open up the international market to Ukrainian grain, there is also need to remove obstacles standing in the way of Russia’s exports.

This comes after the two counterparts met in the Turkish capital Ankara to deliberate on efforts to open a security corridor to ship Ukrainian grain cereals and wheat stuck in the war-torn country’s ports due to a Russian blockade.

A NATO member, Turkey shares a sea border with both Russia and Ukraine and has been working to mediate between the two countries.

Turkey has supported Kyiv, and refused to impose sanctions on Moscow.