Russian envoy says West sees Ukrainian humanitarian situation based on disinformation

RUSSIA NEWS AGENCY – UNITED NATIONS, March 18. /TASS/. Russia’s UN envoy Vasily Nebenzya on Thursday said Western countries base their assessments of humanitarian situation in Ukraine on disinformation.

“We are sharing UN concerns about the humanitarian crisis that is unfolding in some regions of Ukraine, the envoy said at a UN Security Council meeting on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine. “Our colleagues at the Security Council are fairly pointing at that, too.”

“However, the difference is that the assessments of some states, in particular Western ones, are based, in addition to the situation with refugees, on a disinformation campaign that has been fanned from the very beginning of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine and is being pushed to increasingly higher levels,” Nebenzya said.

Mariupol resistance

The Russian envoy also said Ukrainian radicals are putting up stiff resistance in Mariupol because the city holds evidence of their crimes.

“Mariupol was one of the main centers of resistance in the DPR,” he said. “Its residents almost unanimously supported the republic’s independence during a referendum and actively opposed the nationalist regime in Kiev.”

“The Ukrainian Nazis didn’t forget this,” the diplomat went on to say. “Having drowned the city in blood, they turned it into a kind of headquarters and a stronghold of volunteer Nazi battalions, primarily Azov and the Right Sector (banned in Russia).”

“That’s why Ukrainian radicals are refusing to let go of this city,” Nebenzya continued. “Firstly, it hides a lot of evidence of their crimes, and secondly, they understand that they will have to answer for this.”

“Therefore, they are ready to drag the entire population of Mariupol to the grave with them,” he said.

Handouts of weapons

On another subject, Nebenzya said the incidents in the Ukrainian city of Chernigov that are blamed on Russia are a result of indiscriminate handouts of weapons, as Russian troops haven’t entered the city.

“There are no Russian troops in Chernigov,” he said. The incidents “are most likely a result of thoughtless handouts of weapons in Ukraine to anyone who asks,” the diplomat said.

Mariupol theater

The Russian air force didn’t consider the Mariupol theater in Ukraine as a target, Nebenzya said.

Nebenzya said Russia’s alleged strike at a theater in Mariupol was one of the fakes that are being spread by Western countries.

“In fact, private persons as early as March 13 released information, which was obtained from Mariupol residents that had miraculously escaped from the city, that the Azov [nationalist battalion] was holding a huge number of people in that building and preparing a bloody provocation,” he said. “The Russian armed forces were informed about the situation, and originally the theater building wasn’t designated as a target for an air strike anyway.”

Humanitarian aid

Nebenzya said Russia is creating conditions for humanitarian assistance in the liberated areas of Ukraine.

“We are creating all necessary conditions in the liberated territories for unhindered access by all to humanitarian aid, which in some places is effectively the only chance to survive,” he said at the UN Security Council meeting. “At the same time, the mayors of Ukrainian cities sell the medicines, clothing and food coming from international organizations, in particular from the International Committee of the Red Cross, to local entrepreneurs.”

Russia “has reliably established such facts” in the cities of Zhytomir, Ivano-Frankovsk, Vinnitsa, Rovno, Lutsk, Dubna, Vladimir-Volynsky and Lvov, he said.

Western weapons

The US and the rest of the West are exacerbating the conflict in Ukraine by shipping more weapons to the country, Nebenzya said.

He said that “almost every day we see reports from Western capitals about new shipments of various weapons to Kiev.”

“As recently as yesterday Washington said it would supply Ukraine with defense assistance worth $1 billion as soon as this week,” Nebenzya said. “You are adding gasoline to the conflict.”

“We state with regret that Ukraine continues to remain a pawn in a geopolitical struggle with Russia,” the diplomat went on to say.

UN resolution

Nebenzya said the resolution on Ukraine that Western countries plan to propose at the UN General Assembly would be useless for humanitarian efforts.

“In order to obtain an anti-Russian product, they [Western countries] are ready to propose it to the General Assembly, rather than the Security Council, ignoring the fact that the document wouldn’t help humanitarian groups,” he said at a meeting of the UN Security Council.