Rush for COVID-19 vaccine as more register for first jab

By ZBC Reporter

THE country has recorded remarkable uptake of the COVID-19 vaccine with an additional half a million jabs being administered within the past week.

Uptake of the COVID-19 vaccine is hitting full throttle with the majority rushing to receive the first jab as the country recorded an impressive jump on its vaccinated statistics with an additional half a million in just a week.

Chief Coordinator National Covid 19 Response in the Office of the President and Cabinet Dr Agnes Mahomva highlighted that having struggled with figures that stood at less than eighty thousand in March this year, the current daily trend of at least thirty thousand vaccinations paints a positive outlook for the country’s vaccination drive and the fight against the pandemic.

We are really impressed by the current statistics because if you look at the graph of our progression we have really moved from 2.8 percent to 4.5 percent. The number of those vaccinated and those coming for their first jabs is also growing and this is what is really needed to make sure that we win the battle against the pandemic,she said.

The country’s vaccination drive has fared well since the end of April, which recorded four hundred and fourteen thousand seven hundred and thirty (414 730) vaccinations, increasing to six hundred and seventy five thousand six hundred and seventy eight (675 678) in May and hitting close to eight hundred thousand by end of June.

Community Working Group on Health Executive Director Mr Itai Rusike noted that the change of attitude and awareness had resulted in more people are willing to get the jab.

We are seeing that the hesitancy that affected the vaccination drive at the start is slowly coming off and this is a good thing. We hope that the current trends will continue and we will be able to record even better uptake figures daily,he said.

Medical practitioner Dr Danmore Chinsala explained to ZBC News that while the figures are remarkable, they are still far short of the daily target of sixty thousand vaccinations.

We have seen even more people coming from the community and this is a good indication.The rumours that had stalled the process about the vaccine are no longer there because this was also a pandemic on its own,explained Chinsala.

Private players have also become a vital cog to complement government’s vaccination programme.

If we have more of our communities vaccinated it means we are going to achieve the herd immunity. The private sector really has a very critical role to aid the nation in making sure that as many people are vaccinated.

Zimbabwe currently tops the African region vaccination status according to the latest release issued on the 23rd of this month.

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