Rusape family buries wrong body

By Jerold Sasa

POLICE are investigating a case in which a Rusape based family reportedly buried the body of a stranger under the impression that it was their missing relative.

In the bizarre incident of mistaken identity, the Chinyanga family of Rusape is believed to have buried the body of a stranger on the assumption that it was their relative, Merjury Chinyanga who was reportedly murdered by serial killer Bright Zhantali in February.

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) National Spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the incident, adding that they are investigating the case.

The body was discovered near Cherutombo High School in Marondera sometime in February but Merjury was spotted in Marondera on Tuesday last week before confirming that she was working in Chitungwiza all along.

The matter was reported at Igava Police Station, which in turn advised CID Marondera.