Rtd Lt. Gen Dr. SB Moyo lived up to expectations; ZDF

By Tendai Munengwa
Commander Zimbabwe Defence Forces, General Phillip Valerio Sibanda says the death of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Retired Lieutenant General Dr. Sibusiso Moyo has robbed the country of a dedicated and reliable cadre who lived up to all national tasks brought before him.
Described by many as decorated soldier, dedicated veteran of the struggle and face of the Second Republic’s Engagement and Re-engagement Policy, the late Retired Lieutenant General Dr Sibusiso Moyo was a man of action whom the military command never doubted when it comes to strategising and executing tasks.
Commander ZDF General, Phillip Valerio Sibanda who visited the Moyo family home in Harare this Wednesday afternoon spoke on the late Dr moyo’s commitment to duty.
“SB was a dedicated patriotic soldier, whom we never doubted when it comes to military, national planning and execution; he would fulfil every task brought before him. We have been left empty following his death,” says General Sibanda.
Earlier on at the National Heroes Acre during the burial of Cde Moton Malianga and Dr Ellen Gwaradzimba, General Sibanda implored the young generation to pluck a leaf from Dr. SB Moyo’s patriotism towards the country’s economic emancipation.
“Lessons that young generation should pick are first to pursue the agenda which the like of Dr. Moyo was fighting for. I always say that we have achieved political independence but we have not yet achieved economic freedom, this can only be achieved if we have someone who can pursue patriotic national agenda like the current crop of leadership is doing.”
Instrumental in the ushering of the new dispensation, Retired Lieutenant General Sibusiso Moyo succumbed to COVID-19 related complications in Harare this Wednesday.

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