Robbers rented cars for hospital raid

ARMED robbers who recently raided Trauma Centre in Borrowdale and stole a safe containing an undisclosed amount of cash and cellphones, rented the two cars used in the robbery a silver Toyota Fortuner and a Honda Fit.
The Fortuner was rammed by a senior manager of the centre and was then dumped in Borrowdale, while the gang escaped in the Honda.
Sources said police have questioned the owner of the car rental company in connection with the case, and are satisfied he was not involved in the crime, being unaware that the robbers who hired the vehicles wanted them for a crime.
Police found the Toyota Fortuner (ACC7829) dumped after it was rammed by a senior manager of the centre in the Borrowdale area.
Investigations revealed that before raiding the medical facility, the robbers had first raided a house in Queensdale where they got away with various cellphones and masks.
They then proceeded to the medical facility a few hours later.
The armed robbers first attacked a security guard before attacking a doctor and some staff and making off with the safe and cellphones.
It is alleged that a senior official at the centre was informed and when he went to the scene he came across the robbers and chased them with his vehicle.
The official rammed his vehicle into the back of the Toyota Fortuner, causing extensive damage to its right rear tyre and suspension.
The three robbers then fled from the scene in the other car.
National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said investigations into the case were still in progress.