RGM international airport expansion project earmarked for completion in Dec

By Josephine Mugiyo, Diplomatic Correspondent

December has been earmarked for the completion of the Robert Mugabe International Airport Expansion Project, with the contractors working on final touches.

Work continues at the airport, as the contractor moves to ensure the expansion project is completed. Inside the buildings finishing touches are being done in some sections.

The work is at varying levels, with workers up and about in the different sections of the departure and arrival sections.

The US$153 million expansion project is among the flagship projects being undertaken by the Second Republic.

Airports Company of Zimbabwe chief executive officer, Mr Tawanda Gusha is upbeat about the progress achieved since 2019.

“We are confident that by December we will finish the infrastructure and close the current terminal that is operational and move to the new building,” said Mr Gusha.

With the recent launch of the Brand Zimbabwe Project, the new outlook of the airport puts it on a competitive platform with the region.

The expansion also means the airport will now be capacitated to handle more passengers and bigger aircraft.

“On completion we are targeting to increase our handling capacity from the current 2,5 million passengers to six million per annum we will also now be able to ensure the biggest passenger plane. This means increased traffic,” he added.

The Second Republic is leaving no stone un-turned in positioning the country to attract more tourists and investors with projects like the expansion of the RGM Airport confirming, government’s commitment to promoting investor confidence.