Revised indigenisation and empowerment policy roll out

By ZBC Reporter

ZANU PF is set to avail the revised Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment policy to stakeholders given that some of the policy recommendations have been adopted in the National Development Strategy one.

The ZANU PF Secretary for Indigenisation and Economic Affairs, Dr Mike Bimha says the revised policy which will be presented in Bulawayo this weekend, has been aligned to the Second Republic’s economic policies that seek to attract foreign direct investment, hence the removal of the 51/49 threshold.

The 51/49 threshold was impeding foreign direct investment considering that we compete from investments with other regional countries, this why we amended the Act. It is meant to ensure that we align the policies to the Zimbabwe is Open for Business mantra and the re-engagement process. We are happy that we will present this to various stakeholders such that they will spread the message,he said.

Dr Bimha also highlighted the need for young people, women and other groups to come on board for the good of the economy.

The policy framework accommodates all citizens and they must come and participate in economic transformation. It also talks about availing of funding to previously marginalised groups for income generating projects,he added.

ZANU PF is already a gear up in terms of fulfilling the promises made during the 2018 general elections through empowerment programmes at the grassroots level.

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