Reverend Toggy Chivaviro wins global award

By Colette Musanyera

United States-based Reverend Toggy Chivaviro is making headlines on the international scene after being honoured by the Los Angeles based Intercontinental Music Awards.

Chivaviro received an award in the Best of Africa Afro-sounds category for his 2020 hit, Kana Wakayambuka.

The celebrated vocalist reckons global awards are key in opening international doors for Zimbabwean artists.

“Thank you so much everybody for your support. I’m very excited and grateful for getting this global recognition. This is very special to us all as Zimbabweans. I know as a gospel musician the biggest recognition that we will get is going to heaven but here on earth, these are some of the accolades that keep us going. I also celebrate this because it gives us a platform to get on to bigger platforms in the world, open doors for us to share the stage with big artists,” he said.

Chivaviro also highlighted the importance of originality for artists to make a difference.

“As for my fellow Zimbabwean musicians, my appeal will always be ‘let’s stick to what is original’. I was classified under the Sungura which is a Zimbabwean sound. The award is for all Zimbabweans.”

The Zimbabwean gospel musician rose to stardom in 2014 with his hit, Ebenezer, which features other gospel heavyweights like Baba Manyeruke, Baba Charamba and Bethen Pasinawako.

The Intercontinental Music Awards are an evaluation of music entries from a global and ethical perspective by industry professionals and Hollywood music executives.