Reverend Al Sharpton to deliver Steve Biko memorial lecture

United States human rights activist, the Reverend Al Sharpton will deliver the 20th Annual Steve Biko Memorial Lecture on Saturday.

Sharpton says his lecture will focus on ‘reviving ideals of self-love in Black people within today’s society.’

He played a pivotal role in empowering and mobilising Black South Africans around the ideologies of black self-determination and pride.

“There was no one more heroic to us than Steve Biko and until we begin to understand and appreciate who we are and our magnificent history we will always accept oppression and that is what I’m going to lecture about is that once you become conscious in the way Steve Biko advocated, you will no longer shoot your brother whether it’s in the townships in South Africa or whether it’s in ghettos in the United States.,” he says.

Steve Biko died on this day in 1977 while in the custody of Apartheid police, in South Africa.