Retired Air Chief Marshal Shiri, died of Covid-19

NATIONAL hero the late Minister of Lands, Agriculture, Water and Rural Resettlement, Air Chief Marshal Perrance Shiri, died of Covid-19.
This was confirmed by President Mnangagwa who was addressing mourners at the late Minister’ s Borrowdale home in Harare this Thursday.
“Now that it is confirmed that Minister Shiri died of Covid-19, we will follow World Health Organisation regulations on how the funeral should proceed,” he said.
Minister Shiri died early Wednesday at the age of 65. He has since been declared a national hero.
Born in 1955, The decorated war hero joined the liberation struggle when he was a teenager after having abandoned his secondary school studies at Mt St Mary’s Wedza, in 1974 to join the liberation struggle.
It was no surprise that he received guerrilla warfare military training in Tanzania after being inspired by ZANLA forces who were making inroads at the war front in North-East Zimbabwe.
He trained at Mgagau in Tanzania together with other youthful fighters who opted to focus solely and squarely on prosecuting the armed struggle to dislodge the racist Rhodesian settler minority regime from the power.
He was to rise through the ZANLA military ranks to become an instructor.
In 1977 Cde Shiri was deployed to the war front in charge of Tete Military Province as Provincial Commander and member of the ZANLA High Command.
He was tasked with training urban guerrilla commandos who had an urban background and by December 1978, his chargers had set ablaze fuel tanks in Salisbury an act which demoralized and dejected then Colonial regime leader Ian Smith.
After the attainment of independence, Rtd Air Chief Marshal Shiri was part of the inner core that gave birth to Zimbabwe Defence Forces and helped inculcate its much-admired discipline and professionalism.
He also worked on recovering the country’s stolen land together with other war veterans.
The late National Hero was among those who stood steadfast in pushing back the Regime Change agenda safeguarding the country’s sovereignty.
It is, therefore, befitting that the youths admire him with the Zanu PF youth league through its Acting Deputy Secretary for Youth Affairs, describing the late national hero as a pacesetter who was a part of the golden generation that made supreme sacrifice to ensure Zimbabwe emerges a self-determining democracy unshackled from colonial bondage.
He was described as a brave soldier who continued to be exemplary to the youthful generation in upholding the party ethos.
At the time of his death, the brave war hero was still rendering his service to the nation, this time around he carried different ammunition as the minister of Lands, Agriculture & Rural Resettlement, fighting hunger and seeking to better the country and restore it to its breadbasket of Africa position.

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