Resuscitation of interaction spaces key to curbing drug abuse

By Patience Nyagato

As the country grapples with a surge in drug and substance abuse, parliament has underscored the importance of resuscitating recreational facilities as part of efforts to curb the social ill.

Presenting a report on the state of recreational centres this Tuesday, Chairperson of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation Honourable Mathias Tongofa highlighted the need for government and local authorities to resuscitate recreational facilities which are in deplorable state.

This comes after the committee conducted an assessment of recreational facilities across the country.

“There is lack of maintenance in most of interaction centre’s which are expected to nurture young talent. There is need for ministry to consider PPP to upgrade and maintain these spaces and allocate at least 20% of their budget to refurbishment of these centres,” Honourable Tongofa noted.

Parliamentarians gave recommendations to local authorities who are the custodians of most of the facilities which are now being evaded by space barons.

Honourable Tendai Mavetera said, “As someone who was once an actress, I know how important these centres are and I call upon the government to make sure us the use get to access the funds and these centres are equipped so that they are fully functional. If it is a recording studio, it should have the necessities. I am happy there are already strides to make sure that youth are equipped.”

Meanwhile, the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Industry and Commerce was tasked to make an inquiry on wholesalers who are allegedly demanding foreign currency as the only mode of payment.