Respect sacred places – chiefs

By ZBC Reporter

Traditional leaders in Bikita have challenged local miners to consider sacred areas when mining as they have impact to the local people.

This came out during an engagement between Bikita minerals and the local traditional leadership.

Under the National development Strategy One, mining has been factored as one of the key components of a successful economy.

Mining companies in Masvingo have been challenged to engage local and traditional leadership when pegging their mines as some sacred places have been destroyed.

“We have places that house our sacred shrines as traditional leaders. When development comes we do not want clashes because it will appear as if we are against development. We just want them to follow procedure,” said Chief Marozva.

Meanwhile, Bikita Minerals mine manager David Mwanza concurred with Chief Marozvas sentiments and highlighted that community engagement is an important aspect that gives the local community a buy-in on the natural resource on their land.

“We have assisted our community, providing building stones for schools and clinics. We will continue to do so, he said.

Government has repeatedly reminded companies on the need to work together with the communities in which they operate in.

Consultations should be done prior to the implementation of the projects, so that there is mutual understanding between the parties