Domboramwari Hill, a spiritual melting pot

By Peter Chivhima

THE story of Domboramwari Hill in Epworth is one that makes for some interesting reading, with the once sacred place fast turning out to be a melting pot of religious and recreational activities.

Once a sacred place, the Domboramwari hill in Epworth Harare is now home to various activities.

A story is told of how God loved Zimbabwe so much that one day he walked over the rock and left his footprints.

It is no surprise that apostolic sects dominate the groupings from diverse backgrounds, which make the trek to the hill to seek divine intervention.

While some converge for religious purposes, for others like Sekuru and Gogo Mundevere it holds nostalgic value.

“We thought its better we come here and spend time together rather than be at home because sometimes we will end up joining others in prayer,” said Sekuru Mundevere.

“We are so excited to be at this place, it reminds us of our time,” noted Gogo Mundevere.

The two love birds are not alone, with the other side of the hill attracting a fair share of couples.  

For the young and energetic, the hill is their amusement park and play centre

While the majorities go about their business undisturbed, what they might not be aware of is the fact that the huge boulder was once a sacred place.

“I grew up in Epworth and I heard that this place is sacred. The Chaminuka sprit mediums used to come here for rain making purposes so it is our prayer that the government help us by putting a fence so that we curb all the immoral activities happening here,” said one resident.

“This place is now dangerous as people are being murdered and dumped here. Last time we saw a dead body dumped on top of the hill,” lamented another resident.

Memories of the past still linger in the minds of 79-year -old Sekuru Richard Mapeta and 74-year-old Sekuru Edwin Masimbira.

“Kare muno mainge muchiyera munhu kana achipenga aipora asi nhasi vemashave vavepo zvakare saka tavekushaya kuti chii, Nzvimbo ino yosvibiswa nevanoita mabasa akaipa (in the old days this place was scared, if one was not well mentally they would be healed. Now many people with different beliefs are here, we do not know what is happening. The place has been tainted with bad practices),” said vaMapeta.

“Gomo iri raiyera asi tarira uone zvavekuitika kare maionekwa tsoka yaMwari vanhu vachikomborerwa asi zvakapera. Chionai zvave muno umm. Mave kuitika zvose zvose (this hill was scared, but look at what is now happening. In the past people could see God’s footprint and people would be blessed but, it is now a thing of the past. Now everyone is doing whatever they want here),” said Sekuru Masimbiri.

While the history is shrouded in mystery, what is undeniable is the fact that there is something special about Domboramwari.