Relief for Wedza South villagers

By ZBC Reporter
PEOPLE in Wedza South Constituency got a major sigh of relief yesterday when legislator Tinoda Machakaire who is also Deputy Minister of Youth, Arts and Recreation announced that he has bought equipment to finish resuscitation of boreholes.
The programme will also get a boost from devolution funds as plans are already underway for the purchase of a new rig
Wedza South particularly Zviyambi district has been hit by serious water shortages.
Machakaire said the resuscitation of boreholes in the Wedza constituency will go a long way in alleviating the water crisis
“Water crisis is one of our immediate priorities and since we have been doing this project of boreholes in the constituency, we have bought equipment for the resuscitation of the few that are left,” he said.
He said though drought is rife in the constituency, water and state of the roads are topping on the agenda.
“We know that the state of the roads is bad but we have already bought a truck that will be useful for resurfacing of the roads. I have liaised with the local authority and some of their equipment is down, we have tried to repair a grader but we failed because it now needs an overhaul. I have asked them to give us quotations for a new grader,” he said.
Turning to drought, Machakaire said President Emmerson Mnangagwa gave them rice to distribute to constituencies.
“As we all know that there is drought in the country, so he gave me rice for the meantime. We continue to run around so as the President so that people get food on the table. I want to thank President Mnangagwa for his love and passion to end starvation in the country,” he said.
Local Councilor Lovemore Matema said equipment for boreholes is outdated and there was need for new ones for them to function again.
“These boreholes were installed around 1960 so the equipment is outdated. MP has been doing a lot of work and we appreciate his efforts,”
The area is home to more than 2000 people.