Recreational activities key in fight against drug and substance abuse

By Lisa Masuku

AS communities’ battle drug and substance abuse; social soccer has been identified as a key activity that helps to groom and protect youths from engaging in the social ills.

Social soccer has become a safe haven which brings children and youths together giving them an opportunity to rub shoulders with football legends who take them through mentorship sessions as a way of keeping the social fabric intact.

“It is very important to groom young people so that they do not stray. What we usually do is that we do not just teach them soccer we also take them through mentorship sessions,” said Douglas Mloyi, a soccer legend.

For young people the fact that social soccer gives them an opportunity to tap knowledge from legends is an indication of the important role played by recreational activities in creating a hopeful future for the country.

Handing over uniforms to Phelandaba social soccer clubs this Saturday the Minister of State for Bulawayo Provincial Affair and Devolution, Honourable Judith Ncube also reiterated the importance of promoting recreational activities in fighting the drug and substance menace which is affecting the country’s youth.

“Social clubs help in grooming young people, they keep the social fabric intact and keep the children inline. Statistics of young people abusing drugs in the city are alarming.

“Rehab facilities like Engutsheni are filled with young people suffering from the effects of substance abuse so such initiatives are a good way of preserving that social fabric,” she said.

Social clubs enable youths to find safe alternative ways to keep busy and contribute meaningfully in building a generation of future leaders.