Re-commit to values and principles left by our founding fathers; youths urged

By ZBC Reporter

YOUNG people have been urged to re-commit to the values and principles left behind by the founding fathers of the nation in fighting societal ills.

The call was made by President Emmerson Mnangagwa while addressing guests at the National Youth Day commemorations at Robert Mugabe Square in Harare today.

The National Youth Day also coincided with the launch of the National Drug and Substance Abuse Campaign.

The day was held under the theme: ‘Alleviating Drug and Substance Abuse by Youth’.

“As we commemorate this year’s National Youth Day. I, therefore, call upon all the youth of our great country to recommit to the values, principles and ethos, bequeathed to us by the many sons and daughters who fought for the liberation of our motherland, Zimbabwe,” said the President.

“It is incumbent on you all to guard jealously the rich liberation heritage by nurturing patriotism, peace, unity, love, harmony and the culture of hard honest work. The baton is now in your hands. You as the young people of Zimbabwe must hold firm to our national cause and run steadfastly towards the development and prosperity of our great country as enshrined in Vision 2030,” said the President.

President Mnangagwa emohasised that youths are one of the greatest assets of the nation and through their commitment and innovative capability and energy, they could bring socio-economic development for the nation.

“The creation of opportunities and ring-fencing of resources towards empowering and developing our young boys and girls continue to be a priority, It is indeed through your individual and collective abilities, entrepreneurial culture and hard honest work that we can leap-frog our country’s development as we accelerate the implementation of the National Development Strategy-1 for the speedy attainment of
Vision 2030.

“The youth are an integral and important part of our national economic development ecosystem; hence it is incumbent upon you to remain focused and committed to building the Zimbabwe we all want, guided by the mantra “Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo,” implored President Mnangagwa.

Robert Mugabe Square was set alight as various musicians took to the stage at commemorations to mark National Youth Day.

Songs and dances by talented musicians gave youths gathered for the main event at Robert Mugabe Square a taste of the best in local and regional music.

Youthful South African-based musician Young Stunna was part of the cast.

Local musicians including “Fadza Mutengi” hitmaker Poptain, Enzo Ishall, Roki and Chillspot records DJs wowed the huge crowd.