Raw sewage order of the day in Harare’s Highfield suburb

By Fungai Jachi

A health hazard is looming in most of Harare’s high-density suburbs, where residents have had to contend with raw sewage flowing into their homesteads as the city council is failing to come up with a lasting solution to a problem that has been going on for decades.

The opposition-led Harare City Council continues to come under the spotlight for the wrong reasons as residents in various high density suburbs including Warren Park, Kambuzuma and Highfield continue to raise concerns over a potential health hazard as sewage bursts have become a common feature.

For residents in the Geneva section of Highfield, the raw sewage flows by their doorsteps, and it is making it difficult for them to go about their everyday lives.

“It has become an everyday problem as we live in such a place where raw sewage has become the order of the day. City council should come up with a lasting solution to the problem,” a resident said.

“City council should come and change the pipes because originals the pipes were meant to service a few people, but now the population has increased and so they should fix the problem,” added another.

Another narrated, “Sometimes when you call them, they come and now it has been days without them attending to the situation.”

City of Harare Spokesperson Mr Michael Chideme acknowledged the challenge.

“We acknowledge that burst sewage is a challenge, but when people report we attend to it. At times we change the pipes when need be, as most of the pipes are old.”

The Harare City Council has over the years continued to fall short on service delivery as sewage bursts, uncollected garbage and unavailability of water in some parts of Harare remain a challenge.