Rains throw farmers harvesting plans into disarray

By Tapiwa Machemedze

In Mashonaland Central, wet stacks of maize heaped in the fields and dislodged maize cobs exposed to the elements of nature characterise several areas after a downpour of rains in the last two days.

Farmers say the rains have presented challenges as they were now harvesting while those who are yet to do so are not sure on what to do next.

“The rainfall dislodges some of the maize and it’s all wet, so this is going to affect our harvests,” said a farmer.

Another noted, “The rains were unexpected and they have caused some negative effects to our maize.”

Provincial agronomist Izah Jaidi confirmed that some parts of Mashonaland Central received as much as 25 millimetres of rainfall which is quite significant and requires farmers to take action to mitigate losses.

“First, we have farmers who have bulked enough. We had a lot of rainfall some of above 25 millimetres, so they need to open stacks to allow air circulation in the maize. We have some maize some that was dislodged; need to be picked before termites attack it.”

Farmers will be working hard over the next few days to minimise post-harvest losses which may be caused by the current wet spell.