Rains re-open potholes around Harare

By Wellington Makonese

THE MDC-led Harare City Council has been exposed for failing to set its priorities right after the recent heavy rains left some roads impassable.

Tyre punctures and suspension problems have become a nightmare for motorists who are questioning the sincerity of the local authority to addressing the situation.  

“The state of our roads here in Dzivarasekwa is dire we are forking out a lot in repairing wheels due to these potholes,” a motorist said.

“We don’t know whether we still have a council or not because they come here and leave heaps of gravel and expect those boys to finish patching for some fees. It’s sad,” another said.

Said another: “At the back of my car there are 2 tyres I have just bought because they had separated within a week during these past few days.”

Those into tyre repairs are salivating over the situation which has brought brisk business.

“I was just called here by my client after she hit a pothole, it’s a sad situation but for me it means more money so I don’t have much to worry about. We are getting so much of clients for wheel repairing,” said a tyre repairer.

However, it is not all gloom and doom for the motorists as government’s Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme continues.

Last year, government embarked on the phased Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme after the country’s road network was declared a state of disaster.