Rains boost dam levels

By Tendai Munengwa

THE recent wet spell has transformed the landscape of the country with dam levels rising above the expected annual averages while some are already spilling.

According to Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA), the current wet spell has seen dam levels rising higher than the 63.7 percentage average normally expected during this period of the year.

“As of January 06, 2022, the national dam level average had risen to 79.3 percent up from 77.3 percent on December 30, 2021, this is higher than the 63.7% normally expected during this period of the year.”

Some of the dams have already started spilling with indications that the water has risen to levels sufficient to support the country’s irrigation requirements and domestic use.

“Zhou, Valley, Moza and Siwaze dams in Matebeleland South and lower Zivangwe in the Midlands had started spilling by January 6, 2022. Mamina Dam in Mashonaland was also spilling.”

While some dams are now spilling, a sad story continues to unfold at one of the country’s biggest dams, Mazowe, which is just 8.7 percent full as a result of siltation due to illegal gold mining activities upstream.