Quest for freedom:Permanent wounds sustained in the struggle for Zim’s Independence

By ZBC Reporter

THE quest for freedom saw many sustaining permanent wounds as they sought to liberate Zimbabwe.

Our reporter Mthokozisi Dube spoke to Adam Sibanda, a war collaborator who sustained injuries after being accused of concealing information during the liberation struggle.

It might have been way back in 1975, but he vibrantly recalls the fateful day.

Adam Sibanda was one of the war collaborators from a nearby base in Zvishavane where freedom fighters’ attempts to bomb a train using a land mine attracted the full wrath of colonial brutality.

After escaping from the landmine which was meant to destroy a closely guarded train, Rhodesian forces went on a rampage in nearby homesteads.

Sibanda says he was busy tying his shoelaces when his mother whispered that he had been caught.

Opening an eyelid, Sibanda saw a battalion of soldiers with an attempt to escape coming rather too late as he felt the sting of a bullet about 50 metres from the homestead.

“I remember the day vividly. I was busy tying my shoes when my mother whispered to me that soldiers had encompassed our homestead, I thought of escaping and I thank my ancestors as I managed to do so. However, my joy was short-lived as I got shot when I had run a commendable distance when they caught me one of them pleaded with the other to let me go as he said I did not have the information they needed and that is how I survived,” he explained.

The war collaborator is, however, hoping to get vetted one day and benefit from liberation war gratuity.

The sad tale is not his alone as Sibanda’s wife Sarudzai Makhetshemu also revealed that her husband is still in pain 45 years after the tragic incident.

“ I feel sorry for him especially during cold days as the pain gets worse. I know deep down his heart he yearns to provide for his family but he is not able to do so due to the injuries he got during the war, “she said.

Sibanda’s incident is an epitome of the many untold scars of the liberation struggle suffered by freedom fighters in their quest to liberate their motherland.