PVO Bill takes centre stage in Parliament

By Wellington Makonese

THE adoption of the Private Voluntary Organisation Bill was one of the key issues in this Tuesday’s parliamentary session, where new National Assembly members were co-opted into various portfolio committees.

Parliamentary Proceedings resumed this Tuesday with the Chief Whip Honourable Pupurai Togarepi imploring neighbouring South Africa to diplomatically address the issue of xenophobic attacks.

“The xenophobic situation in our neighbouring country is a reflection of deplorable inhuman treatment. We are hopeful that the South African government is finding solutions to this to avoid further loss of lives,” he said.

However, that was not before the 30 minutes of chaos which left the Speaker of Parliament with no choice but to eject some members.

The adoption of the Private Voluntary Organisations amendment Bill has become a topical issue with the need to ensure national interests are served.

“We are grateful to the various private players who are contributing to the economy and welfare of the people, however the bill will improve administrative charities in the country and likely reduce criminal activities by others going beyond their mandate,” added Ziyambi.

In other issues, the Insurance Bill of 2021 has also been tabled for adoption to repeal the standing Insurance, Act while a section of newly elected legislators has been added into various portfolio committees.