Putin believes West will try to “export” food problems to Russia

MOSCOW, April 5. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that the so-called partners in the West will try to “export” problems with food to Russia.

“A number of countries, including European ones, as a result of their own policies, have already encountered price hikes (the same situation is in the States) and food shortages. These are other countries, however they already face it (problems – TASS), Putin said on Tuesday at a meeting on supporting the agro-industrial sector.

“Our so-called partners will try to export these problems to us, in Russia, as they say. We have everything to prevent such a development of events, and, on the contrary, to increase the availability of food products for our citizens through the growing capacity of Russian enterprises, through an increase food supplies to the domestic market, to the shelves of Russian stores,” the head of state noted.

According to him, in addition to constant monitoring of the situation, it is necessary to use the entire arsenal of opportunities and tools for state support of the agro-industrial sector, including the mechanisms of customs and tariff policy, temporary restrictions on exports and benefits for the import of certain types of products.

Putin stressed that “in the context of an imbalance in the global market and unprecedented pressure on the Russian economy and domestic companies, it is fundamentally important to minimize external negative effects, primarily for our citizens.”