Purpose Destiny Achievement Africa (PDA) launched in Zimbabwe

By Wellington Makonese

THE church is complementing government efforts in busting social ills such as drug and substance abuse as well as crime among youths, with the launch of Purpose Destiny Achievement Africa expected to upscale the initiative.

At a time when the country is battling drug and substance abuse, PDA Africa has partnered the church to set up structures in Zimbabwe.

The organisation first established in Kenya, has brought in various stakeholders who believe Purpose Destiny Achievement Africa will complement government efforts in fighting social ills like drug and substance abuse.

“The challenge that we have had is modernisation where parenting has been left to technology. However, we believe in retracing our roots through PDA and working with government to ensure our family structure remains intact to bring about change for the future generations,” said Pastor David Kapofu, PDA Zimbabwe country representative.

“We work with different sectors of the community and government, we work with the youth and economically strengthen them so we can bring change,” said Reverend Amon Madawo, AFM Zimbabwe president.

To upscale the fight against drug and substance abuse among youths, government established an inter-ministerial taskforce to spearhead efforts to curb the social vice.