Pupils anticipate an uninterrupted school term

By Wellington Makonese

SCHOOLS opened for the second term this Tuesday with learners and parents looking ahead to an uninterrupted term at a time when more Zimbabweans have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

The second term coincides with the winter season after a month-long holiday.

A tour of some of the schools including Warren Park High and Kambuzuma Secondary in Harare revealed that it is back to business with pupils anticipating an uninterrupted term.

Some students expressed their views saying, “We are happy that we are returning to school, it’s a relief that we can have a full term without restrictions. The target is to have utilise the period to spruce up ahead of final year exams. I’m excited that we back to just do this once and for all.”

The vaccination drive has given pupils hope to complete their studies with no disruptions and the schools are prioritising compliance with Covid-19 safety measures.

“I have been vaccinated and here we are sanitising before we get into class. Before we get into class they ensure we adhere to safety protocols,” said some pupils.

The education sector was the most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in the past two years but government has come up with a sound Covid-19 response strategy which has seen children of school going age being vaccinated.