Public cattle auctions set to strengthen beef marketing linkages

By Innocent Nxumalo

The reopening of the Cold Storage Company (CSC) is expected to boost confidence in public cattle auctions among rural livestock farmers, a development set to see producers racking in profits from livestock.

It will also eliminate unscrupulous middlemen and increase confidence in livestock public auctions.

Beitbridge livestock farmers say gone are the days of cunning middlemen taking their best cattle for a song.

“It’s pleasing to see that public cattle auctions are back, we are tired of being pinned down by these cunning private buyers,” a farmer said.

Said another, “Here the process is fair, you get value for your beast. This is the only way we can overcome cattle rustling problem.”

Cattle buyers concurred with Beitbridge Farmers Association chairperson, Mr Terry Mulowa that reviving an open cattle auction system in beef producing strongholds like Beitbridge will create a strong foundation for the re-opened beef marketing giant Cold Storage Company.

Cattle buyer Mr Felix Vhenge said, “We are looking forward to having a robust marketing platform which will pump energy in those who with productive ranches.”

“We want to bring those old days where Zimbabwe was known for being a major beef producer, it is time for us to re-stock and improve our breeds,” said Beitbridge Farmers Association chairperson, Terry Mulowa.

Apart from producing the best Tuli and Nkoni breeds, Matabeleland South province is also known for having the highest goat population in the country.