Provinces urged to work with communities on climate change

By Mhlomuli Ncube

Provinces around the country have been tasked to work with communities in tackling climate change and mainstreaming the phenomenon.

This comes as provinces that are susceptible to climate change hazards, continue grappling with different effects of the phenomenon.

“We are victims of climate change in a big way. We have floods and in moments when there are no rains, we have droughts,” noted Tapera Mugoriya, Acting Matabeleland North Provincial Development Coordinator.

“Right now in Mashonaland Central Province, we have affected families. Floods are still raging and this is a problem we must deal with,” said Secretary for Provincial Affairs and Devolution in Mashonaland Central, Timothy Maregere.

Engagement with communities is crucial and government wants climate change Mainstreaming to be a project that the ordinary people are part of.

“I urge you to go to the communities and work with the people in climate change mainstreaming. They should be part of the process and as PDC”s and DDC”s be actively involved,” urged the Deputy Minister of Environment, Climate, Tourism and Hospitality Industry, Honourable Barbara Rwodzi.

In its devolution concept, government wants provinces not only to be involved in decision making on climate change issues but to also come up with working solutions that are inspired from grassroots.