Procurement officials challenged to uphold transparency

By Mhlomuli Ncube

VICE President General Retired Dr Constantino Chiwenga has challenged officials in the public procurement sector to uphold transparency, honesty and shun corruption.

Officially opening the Public Procurement Conference and the launch of the e-learning portal in Victoria Falls this Friday, Vice President General Retired Dr Constantino Chiwenga noted that the highest risk of corruption for the government lies in public procurement.

“Indeed crises and emergencies create a good unjust enrichment opportunity to those with a high propensity for corruption,” he said.

The government and the Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe are also working on amending the Procurement Act which was initially enacted without adequate provisions of operating in times of emergency.

“It is a work in progress and we are amending in order to see how we can procure even in emergency times.”

Other authorities from the region shared their experiences.

Running under the theme: “Balancing Emergencies with Efficiency and Integrity,” the conference is being attended by different government agencies and procurement authorities from the region.

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